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Training Workshops

Our workshops offer you the best training classes around at affordable prices. We pride our self on making sure you are getting top education in all fields  of the industry that you are pursuing. Our goal is to get you ready for upcoming jobs, representation from top agencies in LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc.  and to make sure you are doing what needs to be done to get noticed by scouts.

Announce coming events

We have a Facebook page that has all of our upcoming events as well as an online appointments on our website


 My daughter has been working with Dame Agency for 4 years.  She has had some amazing training that progressed her to work with a production company and is in the Montana Fair commercials, Billboards and several print ads.  Not a rip off, actual training, and booked paid gigs.  This is the right step into the industry.  I am so proud of the work she is doing with Dame Agency!                                                     ~ Lacey Sullivan~

 Dame Agency has given my child so much more confidence and many wonderful opportunities! My child was  part of a fashion show which she loved and has since then become an ambassador for three businesses, featured in two magazines and done two pair photo shoots! Tina is very personable and truly cares for her agency family and we couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it! I would recommend to anyone to contact Dame Agency to anyone! 

~Jackey Sharkey~ Wyoming

 If you are looking for a talent agency that is local, Tina Hirschkorn @DAME AGENCY is your place. My daughter has always had a passion for DANCING, SIGNING, MODELING, ACTING & just being on a stage in general. Dame has and continues to provide my daughter with the Confidence and tools she needs to pursue her dreams by doing workshops, seminars and many hands on learning courses. My daughter has been in a paid commercial, and recently made an audition where she will go to L.A. and walk in L.A. Fashion week, do a photo shoot in downtown L.A. as well as get to field trip to multiple L.A. Agencies and her modeling coach is Kiara Belen from America's next top model. Dame has given my daughter opportunities that she could have never dreamed. 

~Nicole King~

 My daughter just started with Dame. Tina is an amazing mom and down to earth. I trust her and her expertise with my daughter. Elly is learning so much about herself and others. I highly recommend Dame Agency.                                                  ~Robin Windham~

 My daughter started working with Tina and few months ago and already she has learned so much and had the opportunity to do so much!!! All of the models/actors under Tina are such great young woman and men!!!! If you or your child want to learn about this type of business definitely reach out to Tina!!!!!                                                                                           ~Ashley Anne

 My daughter was apart of the P.L.U.R fasion show on 4/14/18 and she loved it. I appreciate the opportunity that Tina and everyone who put the show together gave my daughter to be apart of something that had such a special meaning behind it. Thank you so much and I look forward to hopefully be apart of so much more that they have to offer for everyone.                                                          ~Lindsay Daniel~

 I have worked with this agency for a few years and have recently signed on myself. Everyone involved in this agency has something amazing to bring to the table and really help you one on one to push you to be where you want to be. In the short time I have been signed with DAME, we have accomplished many things and cannot wait to see what the future holds with some extremely talented people and some amazing staff with first hand experience. highly recommend for any age! :)                          ~Tehya Lawson~

 Tina is such a kind person! She is always going above and beyond for her talent. It’s not just an agency, it’s a family. Check it out!                                                                                                 ~Justin Marchart~

 I’ve had nothing but good experiences with DAME Agency. Their workshops are very informative, reasonably priced, and everyone here is super nice and upfront with you about everything. I’m definitely looking forward to the possibility of working with them in the future .                                       ~Katt~


I love Dame Agency I learned a lot how to be a good model and dancer I recommend 💯 % this Agency are super super good and very friendly.                                                                                                                         ~Dorry


 I just started modeling with Dame about 2-3 months ago, and I don’t regret it at all. I have had so many amazing opportunities and overall absolutely love this place. They truly do help you be noticed and become something in every way possible, there are so many opportunities and jobs that the amazing Tina can help you get and can make you successful. Thank you to everyone at Dame for all of your help and hard work that make photoshoots and runway shows so successful. I love you all!                                                   ~Allina Kimbell

 I just started modeling with Dame a few months ago and have had such an amazing experience so far. There’s been so many opportunities given to me through Dame and I’m so excited to see where it takes me. Tina, the director at Dame has done a phenomenal job at what she does. She has the biggest heart and will do everything it takes to get you to the top. She’s always willing to help you and gives you guidance every step of the way. All the people I’ve met since joining here have really changed my life and made it all the better. If your ever looking to get into modeling, acting, or singing this is the place to go! It’s the first step in getting you BIG. I promise you will love it here!                                                                ~Nevaeh Nava~

Recruiting and Submissions

Once you are signed with us you can earn credit by recruiting others to our workshops.

Submissions for potential models, actors, singers, dancers can be made to

Please send a few photos and a short paragraph of why you would like us to represent you.


As an agent/coach  my top priority is to get you to the next level. That's why we give the best and most affordable training courses in MT.  We are in contact with several producers for movies, reality shows and documentaries. We also have many connections for top training in California.

We take a business trip to LA 1-2 times a year to meet with some of the top agencies and management places. 


Are you a legit Agency? 

Yes we are and have many things that we can show you or clients that can tell you what we have done for them and the time limit it took.