Dame Talent Agency

Straight forward! No empty promises. Work with you on your image, style and develop your skills as a model in runway, commercial or print. We also train you how to do tv commercials.

Our Agency is a developing agency to further your potentials for a career in the industry. We do not promise or guarantee you will succeed! We give you the tools to master the art of modeling and commercial work.
We do not charge an outrageous amount for training either. Classes are monthly and photo shoots are when you are ready. Training for ages: 4-9yr olds, 10-17yr and 18 and older.

This is not LA, NYC, ATL or any other big city where they have thousands of production company’s beating down doors for commercials, fashion shows etc. but we can help you build a resume, gain experience & do test shoots.

Nothing is for free! Don’t let some people tell you other wise. Should you pay some outrageous price up front to sign with an agency? NO!

But photographers, edits, video reels & portfolio’s cost money to build.
If you would like to get proper training then call me —-> 406-697-3849